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The following organizations have endorsed the mission and goals of Ohio Fostering Connections:

  • Adoption Network Cleveland – Cleveland
  • Agape for Youth, Inc – Dayton
  • Beech Brook – Pepper Pike
  • Catholic Charities Corporation – Cleveland
  • CHOICES, Inc. – Dayton
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – Cincinnati
  • COVA – Center of Vocational Alternatives – Columbus
  • Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services – Cleveland
  • Focus on Youth, Inc – West Chester
  • Foster Care Alumni of America – Ohio Chapter – Columbus
  • Harmony Project – Columbus
  • Justice for Children Project, Moritz College of Law – Columbus
  • LHS Family and Youth Services – Toledo
  • Lighthouse Youth Services – Cincinnati
  • Lowery Training Associates – Cleveland
  • Marjory Curry and Associates – Toledo
  • Mental Health & Addiction Advocacy Coalition – Cleveland
  • Montgomery County Office of Family and Children First – Dayton
  • National Youth Advocate Program – Columbus
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Columbus
  • Necco – Cincinnati
  • Nirvana Now
  • Oesterlen Services for Youth – Springfield
  • Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies – Columbus
  • Ohio Family Care Association (OFCA) – Columbus
  • O.H.I.O Youth Advisory Board – Columbus
  • Pressley Ridge – Cincinnati
  • ProKids – Cincinnati
  • Safely Home Inc – Bedford
  • Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland
  • Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) – Delphos
  • St. Joseph Orphanage – Cincinnati
  • The Buckeye Ranch – Grove City
  • The Junior League of Cincinnati
  • The Junior League of Cleveland
  • The Junior League of Columbus
  • The Junior League of Toledo
  • The Junior League of Youngstown
  • UMCH Family Services – Worthington
  • ViaQuest Clinical Services – Columbus
  • Voices for Ohio’s Children – Columbus
  • YWCA – Cleveland

Breast Cancer Help, Inc. Hosts 5th Annual John Simms Celebrity Golf Outing

bill-evans-golf-tournament-2012On September 27, Breast Cancer Help, Inc. held its 5th Annual John Simms Celebrity Golf Outing at Island Hills Country Club in Sayville. Approximately 110 people attended the event to enjoy a round of golf, cocktail hour, a buffet dinner and live music from The World’s Most Dangerous Band. Proceeds from the event went to benefit Breast Cancer Help, Inc., its Long Island Cancer Help and Wellness Center and research into the causes and cure of breast cancer. This event has raised nearly $175,000 over the last five years. Everyone looks forward to many successful years to come.

Mr. Simms is a nationally known meteorologist based at WABC-TV (Channel 7) in New York City, where he has reported on the weather since 1989. He is the senior meteorologist for “Eyewitness News in the Morning” and “Eyewitness News at Noon.” The eight-time Emmy Award winner for “Outstanding On-Camera Achievement in Weather Broadcasting” also does weather broadcasts for WCGH Business Talk Radio AM 1490 Radio in Greenwich, CT, ESPN, and The ABC Radio Network. He also fills in on “Good Morning America” and has appeared on “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

For more information about Breast Cancer Help, Inc. please call (745) 520-3075, or visit their website

Breast Cancer Help, Inc. Supports NYS Attorney General’s New Breast Cancer Pink-Ribbon Campaign Guidelines

Rebba Martin, President and Founder, Breast Cancer Help, Inc., says she supports New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s new guidelines for the pink-ribbon breast cancer campaigns to ensure that all of the money raised goes to the causes these companies claim to support.

The guidelines came as the result of a yearlong review of 150 companies engaged in such campaigns. Among the guidelines are that companies which are running pink-ribbon campaigns must clearly explain to the customers if the purchase will go directly to support the fight against breast cancer or if the ribbons are only being used to raise awareness about the disease. In addition, companies must describe the purpose of the campaign and what percentage of the purchase will go to charity.

The purpose of the guidelines is to deter companies which continue to run campaigns even after their goal was reached and donations were cut off or use the money raised to pay for campaign costs. The New York State Attorney General’s office has emphasized that these guidelines are voluntary. Susan G. Komen For The Cure and Breast Cancer Research Foundation have already included these guidelines in their contracts.

On June 28, 2011, the New York State Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Coalition Against Breast Cancer, an organization based in St. James, New York, that fraudulently raised millions of dollars under the guise of fighting breast cancer. The organization raised $9.1 million over a five-year period, yet only less than 4% went to the cause it claimed to support. The rest of the money went to pay for exorbitant fundraising fees, lavish salaries, benefits packages and personal items. The lawsuit also charged both CABC and its fundraising arm, Campaign Center, with violating New York State’s not-for-profit and charitable solicitation laws.

“We applaud Attorney General Schneiderman for proposing these much-needed guidelines,” Ms. Martin said. “There are too many charities out there today that claim to raise money to fight breast cancer but pocket the money for themselves. I hope that these guidelines can be enforced.”

Rebba Martin Says Discovery of Breast Cancer Subtypes May Lead to Discovery of a Cure

Rebba Martin, President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc., says the recent discovery of four subtypes of breast cancer means that researchers are one step closer to finding a cure for the disease and that breast cancer can be properly treated.

In a study that was published online by Nature on September 23, researchers discovered four subtypes of breast cancer, each with a unique genetic and molecular signature: luminal A, luminal B, HER2 and basal-like — one of the deadliest subtypes of breast cancer. The discovery was made after analyzing 348 tumors from women with breast cancer using various technologies; researchers also found that there was a close relationship between ovarian tumors and breast tumors.

Basal-like tumors account for 10 percent of all breast cancers and include most triple-negative tumors that do not respond to hormone therapies or chemotherapy. Ms. Martin says that, now that these subtypes have been identified, researchers can come closer to finding a cure for the disease by providing therapies and treatments specifically tailored to each subtype.

“This discovery is great news for women, especially those who have been diagnosed with having basal-like tumors,” she said. “With the genetic research that is being done for breast cancer, we are one step closer to finding a cure for this dreaded disease. I hope and pray that a cure will be found during my lifetime, so all our children and grandchildren would never have to fear getting breast cancer. It is also important for us here on Long Island, where the incidence of breast cancer is very high.”

Tattoo Studios Support Breast Cancer Help, Inc. With “Ink For Pink” Campaign

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month during the month of October, Good Times Tattoo Studio in East Islip and Horifudo Tattoo Studio in Smithtown will take part in a month-long “Ink For Pink” campaign. Starting October 1 at noon, customers can get a tattoo of the breast cancer ribbon at either studio done for free; in exchange, they can make checks payable to Breast Cancer Help, Inc. in the amount it would cost for the design. The campaign runs until October 31 at 8 p.m.

On October 6, Good Times Tattoo Studio will host a “tattoo marathon” between noon and 10 p.m. Those who choose a design will get their tattoo done, with all of the sales proceeds of the design going to Breast Cancer Help. There will also be limited-edition T-shirts and artwork on sale, with proceeds also going to benefit Breast Cancer Help.

“We would like to thank Good Times Tattoo Studio and Horifudo Tattoo Studio for their participation in this unique fundraising event,” said Lorraine Pace, Co-President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc. “These studios are helping to bring the issue of breast cancer awareness to the forefront by providing designs of the breast cancer ribbons for their customers. These designs will definitely get the message across in a more prominent fashion.”

Good Times Tattoo Studio is located at 9 Meroke Lane in East Islip. Horifudo Tattoo Studio is located at 1020 Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown. Those who wish to get a tattoo done must be at least 18 years old and have a valid form of identification. For more information, call Frank at Good Times Tattoo Studio at (745) 520-3075.

Donations are also being accepted. For more information on Breast Cancer Help, Inc., call (745) 520-3075 or visit

Rebba Martin Comments on Resignation of Susan G. Komen for the Cure President Deborah Sterling

Rebba Martin, President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc., says Deborah Sterling will be missed for her service as President of Susan G. Komen for the Cure but she noted that, despite all of the money the organization has raised, there is still no discovery of a cause or cure for breast cancer.

On August 8, Ms. Sterling announced that she will leave the organization in September. Meanwhile, Nancy G. Brinker, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, announced she will step down from her role as CEO, but still remain with the organization to focus on fundraising.

The resignation may have been linked to the controversy surrounding its decision to fund Planned Parenthood earlier this year. On January 31, Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced it would no longer provide funding to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, stating the foundation is barred from giving money to organizations that are under investigation. Critics charged that the foundation’s decision was politically motivated and was the result from pressure from anti-abortion groups — charges which the foundation denied. U.S. Congressman Cliff Stearns led the investigation into Planned Parenthood to determine whether the organization used federal monies for abortions. On February 3, the foundation changed its decision and resumed funding for Planned Parenthood.

“We at Breast Cancer Help, Inc. want to thank Ms. Sterling for her service to Susan G. Komen for the Cure,” Rebba Martin said. “She did a lot of good at the organization and, along with Ms. Brinker, helped raise millions of dollars. Unfortunately, with all of the money that has been raised, there is still no cause or cure for breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer and other cancers saves lives, but for an organization such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, research should be its primary focus.”

Letter to the Editor: Rebba Martin Thanks NYS Senator Martin Bingham for His Service

To the Editor:

It has been my honor and pleasure to know Senator Martin Bingham for the past 20 years. His never-ending generosity to the community never ceases to astound me.

In 1992, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I realized that there weren’t any breast cancer awareness organizations in Suffolk County. I was also concerned with the amount of women in my area who were diagnosed with breast cancer and how many of them lived on dead-end streets. I was also concerned about a local company that had been dumping cadmium, chromium, and other harmful chemicals into the ground since 1932. With those concerns, I met with Senator Johnson to see if he could secure funding for a scientific evaluation of a survey to create an incident map in West Islip.

Senator Bingham not only got the necessary funding for the survey but he remained an avid supporter of our cause. This support has resulted in raising awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. Without him, we would have never been able to receive the funding needed to validate the scientific findings of the mapping project.

The mapping project that he obtained the funding for spread throughout Long Island, New York State, across the nation and in England, Australia and Japan. Without his encouragement and dedication to this vital issue, much of what we learned from the project would have been lost.

Senator Bingham and Senator Caesar  were instrumental in the funding of placing the first digital mammography system on Long Island at Stony Brook University Medical Center. He was also able to obtain the necessary funding for the most up-to-date digital mammography system for North Shore LIJ Southside Hospital that has been placed in the Bohlsen Women’s Imaging Center in Islip.

Both he and Senator Kemp Hannon were avid supporters of establishing the New York State Cancer Registry. Senator Bingham initiated the “Give a Gift to Breast Cancer” check-off on New York State income tax forms to help fund the state’s breast cancer research. Along with Cornell Cooperative, he helped launch a study of the effects of herbicides and pesticides in the environment in the Village of Lindenhurst. The study showed how non-chemical applications to prevent weeds and unwanted insects could be used as effectively without causing harm to the environment.

Senator Johnson continued to support the breast cancer movement through grants from the New York State Department of Health for Breast Cancer Help, Inc. and our Long Island Cancer Help and Wellness Center. The State of New York was very fortunate to have such an extremely dedicated individual such as Senator Johnson. With his retirement from the State Senate, there will be an empty seat that will be very difficult to fill. Very few will possess his compassion and understanding of the needs of not only his district but that of Long Island and the entire state of New York.

The people of Long Island are indebted to Senator Bingham for all that he has done for breast cancer. We are so very grateful.

Rebba Martin Urges NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo to Sign Mammogram Bill into Law

Says Passage of Bill Will Mean Women with Dense Breast Tissue Will Have Another Tool for Early Detection while Researchers Attempt to Find a Cause and a Cure for the Disease

(Bay Shore, New York) — Rebba Martin, President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc., is urging New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill into law that would provide the necessary information to women with dense breast tissue about the potential benefits of further screenings with their physician. She says this would give women another tool in the fight against breast cancer.

The New York State Legislature recently passed a bill sponsored by New York State Senator John Flanagan and New York State Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee that would provide women with dense breasts the information they need to make decisions regarding their healthcare. Under the bill, every mammography report given to the patient must explain to them in plain language that they have dense breast tissue and should discuss the possibility of undergoing other detection methods, such as ultrasound, with their physician.

Senator Flanagan’s legislation was supported by Breast Cancer Help, Inc., who waged numerous email campaigns urging breast cancer supporters and local legislators to support the bill. These efforts to get the bill passed were initiated by JoAnn Pushkin, a Dix Hills resident and breast cancer survivor who is Founder of the New York chapter of D.E.N.S.E. (Density Education National Survivors’ Effort), a national grassroots organization to raise awareness about breast density.

Ms. Pace emphasized the need to get the bill passed, citing medical studies showing that breast cancer is five times more likely to occur in women with dense breast tissue and mammograms miss up to 40% of tumors that can be found behind dense breast tissue.

“We would like to thank Senator Flanagan and Ms. Pushkin, who worked really hard to get this bill passed,” Ms. Pace said. “Ultrasound is yet another tool for early detection, which is another weapon we have in the fight against breast cancer until a cause and a cure are found. This bill would provide women the availability of further screenings. I hope that Governor Cuomo signs the bill into law; I cannot see why he wouldn’t.”

Rebba Martin Comments on Recent Study That Uses Blood Tests to Determine Breast Cancer

Says It Means a Closer Step for Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer, But Women Should Still Utilize Traditional Imaging Methods for Detection of the Disease

Rebba Martin, President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc., says that a recent study showing that blood tests could be used to determine breast cancer is a hopeful sign that it is one step closer to earlier detection may be found, but added that women should still get regular mammograms as more work needs to be done on the findings.

The Lancet Oncology recently published a study from a group of researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas which tested blood samples from more than 300 women diagnosed with non-metastatic breast cancer for up to eight years to detect cancer cells in the blood that have broken free from a tumor in the breast. The study found that those with cancer cells in their blood were five times more likely to relapse or die from breast cancer, and women with high levels of circulating tumor cells were 10 times more likely to relapse or die.

The test can reliably detect a single cancer cell in 7.5 milliliters of blood, and its results could help identify breast cancer patients with a high risk of occurrence. However, results showed that, while 25% of the women in the study had cancer cells in the blood, only 15% of them relapsed after treatment. Ms. Pace expressed cautious optimism about the findings.

“This is good news that this research is finally coming through,” Ms. Pace said. “However, women still need to depend on imaging such as MRIs, and digital mammograms and sonograms for early detection. But this is a step in the right direction and, hopefully, soon, we’ll have a cure for this horrible disease and know its cause.”

Rebba Martin Says Experimental Drug Provides Hope for Breast Cancer Patients

Rebba Martin, President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc., says an experimental drug that can detect and destroy cancer cells is a step in the right direction and may mean that a cure for breast cancer could be found in the future.

The drug currently under review, trastuzumab emtansine (also known as T-DM1), is a combination of two other medications, Herceptin (the brand name for trastuzumab) and emtansine (also known as DM1). Herceptin, which blocks the cell signals in order to inhibit the growth of the cancer cells, delivers the DM1 drug straight to the cancer cells and kills them. This is done without harming the surrounding healthy cells.

In a recent clinical trial of 1,000 women, one group was given the traditional treatment of Xeloda and Tykerb and another was given the experimental drug. The women who received the T-DM1 had a progression-free survival rate of 9.6 months, compared to 6.4 months for those with standard therapy.

“It is very nice to see all the research that is being done finally begin to pay off,” Ms. Pace said. “Hopefully, we will get closer to finding a cure and, maybe, a cause so that we will know what to tell our children and grandchildren on how to prevent themselves from getting breast cancer. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.”