Mary Perez Biography

Mary Perez is a passionate and dedicated songwriter. Her prolific nature is revealed in a vast catalogue of songs which possess a timeless quality. As an aspired singer songwriter, with a classic foundation, her music evokes sincerity. Mary Jo’s gift to combine her honest emotion with imaginative musical freedom has been a blessing that keeps inspiring her to write songs. Her heartfelt and genuine abilities have allowed her to weave a diverse range of musical genres and styles.

Mary Jos’ songwriting talent began developing while growing up on the East end of Long Island listening to top 40 radio. “I used to listen to my brothers old albums exposing me to the Beatles and classic rock, but it wasn’t long before I found my true fascination and love for singer songwriters. I owe my inspiration to my early idols: Carol King, Todd Rundgren, James Taylor and Burt Bacharach not to deny my admiration and respect to such piano greats as the local Billy Joel and Sir Elton John. Songs at the piano that was it, that was what I could totally relate to. Those songwriters really moved me and spoke my language.

At the age of five, Mary Jo was drawn to the piano with an uncanny interest that her mother recognized, and that’s when she began her formal training. Her mother was a lyric soprano, exposing Mary Jo to choir rehearsals and various music productions at an early age. Both her Mother and Fathers unending encouragement and support have marked an indelible impression that enabled her to exercise her ever growing, continued musical curiosity. In her early teens her Father bought her first recording devise to capture her original ideas. Ever since then Mary Jo has embraced on an inspired journey to freely express herself, in a deeply personal and intimate relationship between she and her music.

Having moved to New York City in the early 90’s, Mary Jo worked on a variety of musical projects including background vocal sessions and live background vocal appearances. (One of which, Debra Gibson) In her newfound love to perform, Mary Jo formed her own band, A Girl Named Jo. She performed solo as well at various clubs throughout Long Island from Stephans Talkhouse to the New York Metropolitan area. Mary Jo also toured as a solo act, nine cities in Germany for six months under the sponsorship of Marlboro, playing summer festivals and clubs. A young Producer named “Kraze” hired Mary Jo to sing a remake of “Get Down Tonight” by K.C. and the Sunshine band, which topped the charts and aired on WKISS German radio. After her return from Germany, Mary Jo spent six months recording new material and performing in Canada. Though many projects inspired new opportunities and survival gigs, Mary Jo’s hand never diverted from the origin of songwriting, forever determined to combine homegrown rock with country, blues and R&B; influences to create her original music.

Mary Jo continues to write songs from her heart. She is currently in search of artists that can bring life to her catalogue of music. Perhaps with a certain synergy of similar experience or emotion to connect her lyrics from one heart to another.