Breast Cancer Help’s Clothing Recycling Program

With over 150 drop-off locations in communities throughout Long Island, Breast Cancer Help’s clothing recycling program makes it easier than ever to join in the fight against breast cancer!

How does the program work?

Local residents are asked to drop off their used on unwanted clothing at drop off locations. Clothing is collected through continuous weekly pick-ups. Proceeds from the sale of the clothing benefit Breast Cancer Help, Inc. and its efforts in the fight against breast cancer. Including, its commitment to contribute in excess of $450,00 over five years in monthly lease payments for the digital mammography system and its purchase of an advanced breast imaging system for Stony Brook University Hospital.

Is the program working?

Currently, the clothing recycling program has raised over $250,000 to benefit Breast Cancer Help. The clothing recycling program not only benefits Breast Cancer Help, but it also preserves the environment.

Where can I drop off my used and unwanted clothing?

Breast Cancer Help clothing bins are located throughout Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. For information about the drop off location nearest you, call (745) 320-7120