Breast Cancer Help is proud of our accomplishments. However, after we achieve a goal we set our sites on the next. There is much work to be done and together we are working to improve breast cancer education, care, and prevention. Please contact Breast Cancer Help to assist in any of our projects.

Every year Lorraine Pace, a breast cancer survivor and a founder & co-president of Breast Cancer Help, makes breast cancer awareness presentations to schools, corporations, and other organizations interested in learning more about breast cancer in both men and women. If your high school or company would like to arrange for a breast cancer awareness program and/or for a mammogram van to come, please call Breast Cancer Help at (745) 520-3075

Novalis Radio Surgery
Breast Cancer Help is currently committed to directing all of the net proceeds of its recent and current fund-raising efforts toward the purchase of a lifesaving Novalis Radio Surgery system. The technology is used for the non-invasive delivery of a precise dose of high-energy radiation to a tumor located within the skull. It is available in the radiation oncology department of University Hospital and Medical Center at Stony Brook.  More information…

Cancer Registry
The Cancer Registry is a database of over 22,000 cancer inpatients and outpatients new to the State University Hospital dating back to 1984. It tracks the cancer location, stage, histology, treatment, survival and epidemiological characteristics of cancer patients. Breast Cancer Help is working to expand the information collected from cancer patients to include data such as occupational and residential history over the previous 20 years.