Donate Your Used or Junk Cars for a Good Cause — Even If They Do Not Run

Breast Cancer Help, Inc. is encouraging people to donate their used vehicles for a good cause, whether they are running or not. By donating used vehicles, owners can save on the cost of towing and receive tax benefits. In addition, donors will also be helping the environment by getting inefficient cars off the road that release greenhouse-gas emissions. The funds raised through this effort will support the mission of Breast Cancer Help, Inc., and support services offered at the Long Island Cancer Help and Wellness Center.

To donate your vehicle, please complete the form below. A Breast Cancer Help, Inc. representative will then contact you to make arrangements to pick up your vehicle. At the time of pickup, you will be asked to provide a valid title to the vehicle, your driver’s license, and to sign a Motor Vehicle Form MV-35. Global Auto Buyers will then come to pick up your vehicle. Breast Cancer Help, Inc. will send you a letter indicating the amount of the deduction based on the car’s value.


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